William A. Moore
       Funeral Home

Funeral Information Registry
- Store your Funeral and Memorial Information Online.

Emergency Information Registry
- Create a repository for emergency information including allergies, prescriptions, and physician information.

Pre-Need Planning
Adam and Robert Moore have been prearranging and prefunding funerals for many decades. In one convenient consultation they will integrate the final wishes of the individual, financial considerations of the family, input from survivors and any and all externalities creating a "turn key" disposition.

When it comes to prearrangements, we specify convenience. Adam and Robert's door is always open to offer sound advice. Although Robert and Adam love to meet new people and old friends alike, they know that people often want to minimize their time at the funeral home while making prearrangements. As a result, the funeral directors at William A. Moore Funeral Home, have the ability and expertise to prearrange and prefund a funeral in an hour or less. In a further effort of convenience, Robert and Adam have information packets and merchandise catalogs complete with pictures to travel to someone's home and make arrangements. This makes it easier for the physically disabled or for those who wish not to come into the funeral home.

In keeping with our belief that funerals should be tailored to the needs and wants of an individual, we encourage personalization of the funeral. This means that we are receptive to pictures, memorabilia, keepsakes, audio tracks...

Survivor Input
We believe that a funeral is equally important to the family and survivors as it is to the individual, whom arrangements are made. As a result we strongly encourage and invite any and all who may wish to attend an arrangement conference.

Taking into account externalities means that we, the funeral directors at William A. Moore, will give sound advice on institutions and events outside of the funeral home. Such things could be coordination of flowers, planning a luncheon, setting up lodging for out of town guests...

We have access to all contemporary funding vehicles currently accepted in the funeral industry, namely burial insurance and trusts. Our goal in prefunding a funeral is to reduce financial burden on a family by hedging inflation and keeping funds safe. We are able to successfully offset inflation with our guaranteed contracts. Our guaranteed contracts work by prefunding a funeral at today's cost and guaranteeing that those funds put aside today will be sufficient to provide that same funeral at some infinite time in the future with no further expenses incurred by the survivors. Estates can be drained at an astonish rate, if a person were to enter a long term care institution. This is why we set up irrevocable burial accounts. Our irrevocable burial accounts keep funds safe from any type of external drain. The government does not include these funds with an individual's assets, which means it won't affect eligibility for government aid programs such as SSI or Medicaid. Our burial insurance programs offer competive rates of growth, which have historically outperformed bank rates. These burial insurance policies also offer tax free growth. Funds, which have grown in excess of the funeral cost, will be distributed to a named beneficiary. Adam Moore is a licensed Life Insurance Producer and as such, he has the ability to assist a family in setting up a burial insurance account.

For more information about making Prearrangements at William A. Moore Funeral Home, please fill in the form below or contact us at 610-828-4006.